US Embassy Interview Questions - The Guide

Going for your visa interview at the US Embassy can be very nerve-racking, but don't be anxious! Knowing what to expect is helpful in managing those feelings.

This article will provide you with common interview questions and how to answer them to succeed. The most important things to remember: be honest and highlight that you plan to return back to your home country after completing the program. 

Although every interview is different, you should be prepared to answer the standard questions. This is a collection of the most common J1 visa interview questions:

1. What will you be doing in the USA?
“I will participate in a cultural exchange program and will be an intern in a hotel. I will also have a stipend which is stated in my training plan along with my tasks. I wish to enhance my knowledge and gain valuable experience in the USA.”
Do not mention words such as “work”, “employee” or “salary”!

2. For how long do you plan on staying in the USA?
You are going to stay in the USA only for the duration of your training, after which you will be returning in your home country. 
Do not talk about any plans on staying in the US for longer than your program expects you to!

3. Do you know anyone in the USA?
You can mention that you have acquaintances; however, you can also mention that you do not know if you will have time to see them as you will be occupied with your cultural exchange program. Another correct answer to this would be “I do not have any family members in the USA.”

4. Why have you chosen this country?
The USA is one of the leading countries for the hospitality industry and you wish to learn about the American business culture while also enhancing your English skills.
Do not talk about how many people from your country managed to make a life in the USA, and do not mention words such as “cool” or “awesome”!

5. What are your plans for the future?
You aspire to continue your studies in your home country, and then one day become an important force in the hospitality industry. You can also tell them about your hopes of putting your knowledge that you will have gained in the USA into good use to get a better position at a renowned company back in your home country.
Do not speak about any plans on finding ways to go back to the USA and making your future there!

It is important to remember to remain calm during your visa interview! Being well prepared is extremely important. Remember that you will be going to the USA to be trained, to learn, to gain experience by taking part in a cultural exchange program. 

We could go on and on about preparing for the interview, but each case is different, and thus deserves a personalized approach. Contact us to get trained, coached and succeed in your US Embassy interview!

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