The Placement International’s Privacy Policy has been created for our website users in order to outline when and why we collect their information, and how can users manage it. We respect privacy and we are committed to security.

What do we collect?

Placement International collects the information that you choose to share with us on the platform. This also includes your personal information, such as name, school, the place you live in and your e-mail. We also collect the attachments you add on your profile (via website or e-mail), such as CV, diplomas and signed documents.

Why do we collect it?

Any information you decide to share with us is being used in order to establish a relationship between host companies, applicants and partners. We strongly believe in our services and we only use your information to fulfill your request.

Of course, we also use your information to enable communication between you, Placement International and/or third parties; this can include questionnaires, interviews or discussion about legal and any other necessary requirements.

With whom are we sharing it?

Services: We understand that your information is private. We will only share your personal details with partners, service providers and third-party companies with your permission. We do so to facilitate your placement or to evaluate your application, and your personal information may not be shared or used for any other purposes.

Marketing: We do not sell mailing lists and we do not share your information for direct marketing purposes.

What are your rights?

You have the right to update or correct your information at any time. You also have the right to choose how Placement International uses your data (for example, you may opt to receive offers from us via e-mail).

At any time, you have the right to end any possibility that Placement International sends you e-mails or other information.

What are our rights?

Placement International reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any given time. The updated version may be made public on Placement International official website. You can continue to use the website after the publication of the new policy only with your consent, as any information collected from you will be used in accordance with the new privacy policy.

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