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How the recent federal ruling could let you go to the USA on a J1 visa before 2021 Since the proclamation of June 2020, many have called to save the j1 visa, this call has now been answered! Find out how the J1 visa has been revived below

In the year of groundbreaking news: 2020, it seems that nothing can surprise us anymore, however, today proves that life can never be too full of surprises! 

As many of you know, the J1 visa has been temporarily suspended since June and was not expected to resume until 2021. However, we have woken up today to a hopeful development in this case, that will allow us to begin the J1 visa again soon!

Continue reading to find out the latest developments occurring in the White House and how it could allow you to start a management program under the J1 sooner than you thought...

The Presidential proclamation

As COVID 19 had ravaged through the USA during its peak within the start of the year of 2020, There was a severe downturn in the US economy due, in part, to the heavy movement restrictions placed by the US government to combat the virus. This drop in the economy caused a huge rise in unemployment figures all across the country.

Despite the fact that this economic decline was largely perpetuated by the government restrictions themselves, the Trump administration opted to restrict non-immigrant visas in order to curb the unemployment figures. This decision was largely based on the perception that such visas lead to higher unemployment rates among American citizens (despite multiple research studies  proving otherwise)

 One of those affected was, unfortunately, the J1 visa- pausing the professional dreams of many young hospitalians across the world who wished to complete their internship in a US luxury hotel.

Predictably, this proclamation was met with fierce opposition from both inside and outside the country, with many rallying behind the cry of “save the J1 visa” or similar sentiments. As of today, the 2nd of October, this cry has been answered...

The federal ruling 

Leading the charge against the Proclamation were some of the powerful organisations whose business had seen huge downfalls due to the Proclamation, including the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Retail Federation, TechNet and Intrax. Together, these influential organizations challenged the decision through a federal hearing on September 11th.

During the hearing, it was cited by the plaintiffs that the proclamation was, at its essence, a huge overreach of power- as it appeared that the Trump administration had placed restrictions on these non immigrant visas before finding any real proof that these types of visa were actually a threat to the American worker.

After less than a month of deliberation, the court has yesterday announced their decision: A preliminary injunction against the June presidential proclamation. This allows workers represented by any and all of the plaintiffs in the hearing to once again apply, obtain, and work under the J1 visa!

What does this mean for your placement in the USA?

So, we have gone over the restrictions and the recent news about them, what does it mean for the average J1 hospitality trainee?

Basically, this is extremely good news for the J1 visa and anyone wanting to go to the USA before the year ends. While it is hard to tell this early when the lifting of restrictions will take place, most estimates say that the embassies will be able to start processing J1 visas within the next few days. 

While the injunction only applies to workers represented by the plaintiffs in the hearing, the plaintiffs are huge in their scope, and many of the subsidiaries are partners of Placement International! 

Overall, this means that Placement International will now be able to process J1 visas to all eligible participants who have been waiting for restrictions to be lifted or decide to join us now!

However, before you get too excited, I have to remind you that all is not sunshine and rainbows for the J1 visa. It is still possible for the Trump administration to reverse this decision through appealing. While it is certainly possible that this appeal will fail, no one can deny that the Trump administration is one that can summon a lot of opposition against decisions it does not agree with. 

Nevertheless, this new development gives prospective J1’s a window of opportunity to apply to the visa as,  even in the worst case scenario, it would take around 4 weeks for any appeal to be put into effect- meaning that J1 applications made now will likely go through the process no matter the politics

So if you are wanting to spend the cold final months of 2020 in a snowy Colorado Ski resort, or get settled into a management training in one of our Miami properties before the busy season starts, start your J1 application today!


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