5 trends influencing the Food & Beverage industry right now

While kombucha is being used for everything and broccoli was awarded the vegetable of the year title, let’s speak about the bigger picture and find out which macro trends influence the whole Food & Beverage industry right now.

People leading lives with a healthy, natural diet is no longer a niche segment, since the functional F&B market is predicted to grow 8 % annually until the end of 2021 precisely due to health benefits associated with functional foods and beverages. Healthy lifestyle trend puts plant-based, semi-vegetarian diets such as Flexitarian under the spotlight as well as promotes reducing sugar in the foods we consume.

5 trends influencing the Food & Beverage industry right now

Local food movement, or as the cool kids call it - “locavore” movement, should and is encouraging restaurants and chefs to use and promote local produce, as 66% of American consumers say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers locally sourced food items. And not only that! Locally sourced food is often a healthier, fresher environmentally friendly option. Add that to helping the local economy, boosting the menu with “farm-fresh”, “locally grown” keywords and it’s just so easily a win-win!

As sad as it might be, convenience is taking over dining out. Home delivery or click & collect are just some of the convenient options changing the good old full-service experience. The art of food and cooking is not going anywhere, this only means that chefs and restaurant owners have to step up their game looking for new ways to please people who no longer want to go for the full-on fine dining option, such as the hot trends of Flex Casual, Fine Casual, or Fast Fine.

5 trends influencing the Food & Beverage industry right now

Restaurants and hotels, offering an experience rather than just a dinner or a stay is what hospitality is in its’ core. So the trend to position the product as “something more”, to go beyond of what is expected of you and offer attractive environment, unique experience, or once-in-a-lifetime adventure is still on top and thriving.

The world is getting smaller, making it easier for the food and beverage industry to jump on global trends. Not only is the variety of international food options around the world increasing and completely different cuisines are merging, but also countless nationalities are working in the hospitality industry all over the world. Creating global understanding and unity is one of Placement International’s core values. We take pride in connecting careers, cultures and spreading these ideas through hospitality. If you want to take part in this movement  and bring you career along, sign up here to access a database of luxury hospitality vacancies all over the world.

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