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Placement International will help you find the best positions in the Tech & Entertainment industries, in the USA and internationally.

Placement International works with industry experts from the fields of Tech and Entertainment to place top-tier talent, from the best courses, colleges and universities, in highly sought after experiential traineeships and internships in the USA and around the world.

Our mission is to help young people from all over the world find or enhance a career that they love and help them thrive in their new environment.

Our program is also an essential resource for Tech and Entertainment companies seeking exceptional global talent, specialized in their area of expertise.


Placement International is a cultural exchange program company specializing in the Tech & Entertainment industries.

We offer internships and Management Training Programs to highly educated students, recent graduates and young professionals at the most prestigious VFX and Animation Studios, Film Production and I.T. Companies in the United States and around the world.

Placement Program

This program provides successful applicants with first-class training and essential career development, improving their skills and knowledge in their chosen fields. It is also a great way for interns and trainees to gain international understanding and global recognition.

How it works

At Placement International we handle the search for positions, match the right candidate with the right employer and deal with all the paperwork to obtain the appropriate visa.

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Work & Travel

If you are a student or recent graduate seeking to improve your resume, this is the program for you!
Participate in an extraordinary professional experience in The USA or in other exciting destinations around the world, during your summer holidays and beyond.

Internships / Trainings

Enhance your resume by doing an internship abroad in the world’s most innovative Tech & Entertainment companies.
Grow as a young professional and individual while getting to know different cultures, customs and nationalities.

Visa Services

We take care of the visa process for Internships and Training programs from 3 to 18 months in the USA, with carefully designed, structured, and personalized training plans.


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Success stories and counting…

We are a dynamic and multicultural team of professionals, willing to offer a specialized and high quality service to students and young graduates. Our mission is to offer our candidates all the keys of their success within a competitive, demanding and innovating industry.

- Johana Castillo

“I was able to develop many skills that enhanced my professional experience. The managers always have meetings to provide useful and positive feedback, and ensure that we understand how important we are to the company. This program is amazing. I was part of a multicultural team formed by co-workers from different parts of the world. I learned so much every single day, in all aspects of the business. Everything was better than I could have imagined. It is a unique opportunity that makes you come back home feeling so proud of yourself.
Finally, my special gratitude to the Placement International Team for being there throughout my program with responsibility and commitment. This is really an incredible experience! ”

J1 Visa Participant @ New Orleans, Louisiana, US
- Shahabuddin Howlader (Mexico)

“First of all, I want to thank Placement International, they are a great team. It was a great opportunity for me, completing my internship in the USA. The time I spent training in the USA was awesome… Everybody was very friendly and professional. I really appreciate PI for giving me a great opportunity to complete my internship in the USA.
Secondly, I learnt lots of practical things during my training...I worked with a diverse professional group, and now I call them friends. It was really awesome, in a word. It will be very helpful for my future career.
Thanks again Placement International.”

J1 Visa Participant @ Houston, Texas, US
- Michelle Proaño

“It's been three months since I got to New York and so far, this is the best decision I have ever taken in my life. This experience has brought me happiness and knowledge.
After three months, I'd learned that the smaller details are more important than we think, that greatness will come with time, perseverance and responsibility. This whole experience is just the beginning of my journey and I know that someone else would love this experience and would find it as enriching as I have, or even more.”

J1 Visa Participant @ New York, New York, US
- Noelia Narro Tarazona

“I was able to develop many skills that contributed to my professional development, and was also constantly coached by my managers who would always provide useful and positive feedback for me to improve a little bit more each day. In addition to this, I was part of a multicultural team made up of co-workers from different parts of the world such as Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Spain, South America and the U.S., among others.
The specific characteristics of my program made it an even more rewarding experience, as such exposure is extremely valuable to understand people in an industry where we deal with different types of personalities, but most importantly to be able to become a good team player by finding harmony in diversity. ”

J1 Visa Participant @ Miami, Florida, US

Our Placement Process


Placement International is a Swiss recruitment and placement company specialized in the Tech and Entertainment Industries, with offices in Switzerland, Spain, U.S.A, Argentina and Mexico. We help international students and young professionals to find paid internships, management training programs and first time jobs in the USA. If you wish to join our international and culturally diverse team send your resume today to!

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