A healthy body = a healthy mind, even in quarantine!

With gyms closed, yoga classes cancelled and people confined to their homes, the thought of laying on your couch all day might seem like a tempting idea! But let me snap you right out of it before you get too comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condemning your Netflix marathons, or convincing you to turn vegan; but what I will do, is make some profound arguments, throw in some scientific research to back me up, and try and convince you why it is important to keep active!


Secret perks no one told you about working on a Cruise Ship!

Jobs on Cruise Lines have become a more adventurous and enticing option, compared to their more traditional counterpart, for many who wish to pursue a career in hospitality. With the leading global Cruise Lines counting down the days to set sail again, as soon as the travel lockdown is lifted, the demand for Crew Members will be immense! That is why I am here to spill all of the secrets about the amazing perks of working on a Cruise Ship.

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